March 16, 2018

First Liberty Power Corporation (FLPC) today announced that the Company is in the final stages of filing their 2013 (re-audited) and 2014 SEC Form 10-K annual report. The current expectation is that these reports will be released by mid-to-late April.

Moving forward, the Company’s new accounting team is working with an independent auditor on the filing of a consolidated report that will finalize the remaining years through July 31, 2017, together with applicable quarterly filings expected by the second quarter of 2018.  With those filings the Company will be completely current.

The updating and completion of all filings are the remaining key steps in the Company’s restructuring operation. Previous FLPC restructuring benchmarks have included the buyout of Stockpile Reserves LLC (SRL) in 2015-16, the updating of all FLPC business plans, property ownership, and environmental issues (including the issuance of a water pollution control permit for the Fencemaker Mine operation in late 2016) and the relocation of mined antimony ore from Lovelock to storage on a mill site in Northern Nevada. All costs associated with these actions have been, and continue to be, funded by FLPC management and key supporters.

Financial filings of this nature are a multi-step process, involving lenders as well as data from former companies and past operational items. All information must be verified and, in some cases, individually certified by the people or organizations involved in the transactions. Additionally, considerable funding by FLPC Management is required before the process can be finalized. The FLPC Management Team appreciates the patience and understanding of shareholders and previous investors through this arduous but necessary restructuring operation.

FLPC Management will continue to post updates to this website when appropriate and as progress continues.

For further information contact FLPC at ir@firstlibertypower.com